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Big Size Jumbo Push Pop It Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy

Oversized Push 200 Bubbles Cute Cat Hello Kitty, Autism Special Needs Stress Reliever, Squeeze Relieve Emotional Toys For Kid Adult (multicolor) – (size 16 X 14 Inch)

د.إ 900


  • Silicone Material
  • No batteries Battery
  • Non Rechargeable

A new innovative and affordable simple toy for kid and adult which can relax your body and mind anywhere anytime who are dealing with stressful days, work overload. This is very affordable and effective toys kids and compatible with simple dimple fidget toy, fidget toys stress ball, fidget pad, spiners toys, figit spinner, rainbow fidget spinner, squishy stress ball fidget stick, figet set toys, pop pop toy . This pop it fidget toy rainbow available in different shapes and styles like pop it toy unicorn, butterfly toy, spiner, popets popit mini, monkey noodles fidget toy, squishy fidget toys, pineapple pop it fidget toy, pop it fidget toy rainbow unicorn. This toy have various other names like figit toy, satisfying toys, figit toys, sensory toys for kids, fidget set, figit toys pop it, stress relief toys for adults, friget toy, figed toy, pop it rainbow big, you can buy it in different sizes also. This big popping bubble fidget toy is anti stress toy also which can we used anywhere anytime with alone or other people. This Bluetech toy is safe bubble pop toy for kids as well . This bubble toy have popping sound which is relaxing and pleasant. Overall it is a fun toy with lots of different types of uses.


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